Friday, December 07, 2007


Every time I turn on the news lately there seems to be more
illegal activities going on in Washington, under Bushes watch
The latest information is about the CIA destruction of at least 2 videotapes
documenting the interrogation of two Al-Qaida operatives.
Tapes that should have been turned over to the 9/11 commission.
According to sources the videotapes may have shown
severe interrogation techniques, including water boarding,
in plain English torture.
President Bush says, yesterday was the first he knew about the tapes.
Ya Sure!!
I hope that the Democratic congress does not ignore the CIA's obstruction of justice
It is time to get at the truth, it is time for people to demand accountability
of those in charge.
If they don't they are just as culpable as the White House.

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alan said...

Even if they try, the crooks will be out of town with their pockets full before anything can be done about it!

I have had some nice images of them tarred and feathered and tied to a rail, though!