Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Christmaka!!


Heidi said...

OMG This is great! Thanx for the LOL " ha ha ha".. :)

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day~ hugs.

Green tea said...

We did Heidi, good time and some sad memories..so we have to find time to laugh. *smiling*
Someone sent me this and it just seemed to be in the moment!

fineartist said...

This was great, I so needed a good laugh this morning! Thanks hon.

Michael Manning said...

Hey, I'm glad to see my friend Heidi here! What a nice Blogsite! Laughter is so important!!:)

Joonie the Too said...

Hey, I just saw that you visited my blog and read my Halloween story. Thank You!

And he's STILL the president. Getting really scary now. The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Also, I am going to try your martini recipe. I have the ingredients. Your recipe sounds much better than what I mixed up according to the directions on the bottle. It is, afterall, about proportions.

Nice to meet you!

Joonie the Too