Monday, December 10, 2007


Don't you get pissed when you think you have all your eggs in a row and then one of them breaks?
Last night I noticed my freezer wasn't cooling properly so I turned it up.
Denial, because I had this week planned.
Got my groceries yesterday and was going to do some pre-cooking and freeze a few things to make quick meals next week.
Well this morning the freezer wasn't any better and the refrigerator wasn't cooling either.
I farmed out my freezer supplies to a neighbor and put the Fridge stuff in a cooler in the garage.
I called Service Plus, and they will be out tomorrow morning.
I am hoping it can be fixed because the last think I need is to go shopping for a major appliance and listen to Ho Ho music at the same time.


alan said...

Hopefully all is well now and you haven't had to brave the holiday onslaught!

If not, check before you buy and you might find out something useful. It's like Consumer Reports for free. It saved me from buying a fridge that had a poor service record I wouldn't have known about otherwise, and I've looked up everything from electronics to tires on it since!

Beyond all that- my local public radio station has a local show on Friday and Saturday nights called the "Fish Fry". It's blues, R&B, soul, zydeco, and "jump blues" for 4 hours. Each year they work in a few holiday songs from those genres, culminating in the Christmas show (this year on Saturday night Dec. 22nd).

Anyway, last year I heard a new one: "Santa Lost a Ho". I almost fell off my forklift I was laughing so hard...

An excerpt:

Hope it brings a smile!


Misty said...

I hope you did not have to get a new one! Hopefully it was fixable and you're on your way to freezing meals ahead again.

fineartist said...

I had PLANNED to buy myself a new refrigerator this Christmas, but the old one continues to cool things, it's just pretty unsightly, with rust on it's front door, the guards that are supposed to hold the condiments on the inside of the door broken, and the drawer crisper handles broken off, still, like I said it works, so I'll wait until later to replace it.

But I so understand how you felt here, and I'm glad to see from the post above that it all worked out for now. :)