Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Big Brother

Big Brother is back, and I am watching it again.

But there is something creepy about this years cast of players.
It is Dick the tattooed father brought in to the house to surprise his
daughter who hasn't spoken to him in three years.
Does anyone blame her?
Yikes he makes my skin crawl, and I wonder what the producers were thinking bringing him into the house.

Then there is gay Joe who shouted from the house tops that his former partner, who is also a surprise guest, Dustin, gave him gonorrhea.

Tonight's show is the first eviction.

Personally I wish Big Dick and Wee Joe were the ones going out..

Why am I watching this instead of reading a good book?

I am beginning to wonder my self..


Heidi said...

I love BB!!!!! Been watching it from the start.
BTW..I think the producers were evil to do this. Re: Dick/daughter...How did they even " cast" them? Could it be a coinsidence that both signed up at the same time..strange.

btw...I replyed back on my blog about Ross's. Same problem as you..I actually added my url in my post to test it.

It's the URL's...Maybe they are setting up a new system for postings etc..

Have a great day~

Jessica Foster said...

Hi Green Tea--I love Big Brother. Can. Not. Stand. Jen! Jenuine? I think not!

BTW==Ross was talking about getting FOADed and it made me laugh. It's when NBC says you're not allowed to post, or something like that. It stands for F--- off and die. Real sweet, right?

HAR said...

I will never admit to watching this trash. ( Unfortunately, never miss an episode).

Misty said...

I'm loving it so far. Though Jen is one of those houseguests I hate but love to watch. She cracks me up--with her carrying on over her photos etc.