Thursday, July 05, 2007

After the 4th

The 4th is over and I am relaxing a little bit.

I get a wee bit nervous during this particular holiday.
Too many G kids out there celebrating and it tends to make me nervous.
I was born a worrier.

We had a nice peaceful celebration.
We went down to our home town where they have the old fashioned 4th of July in the park.
It includes a street dance on the 3rd behind the Redman's Club
We spent a little time down there visiting with friends and kids of our friends.

We met some old friends for lunch earlier, one of them loves to talk politics and so of course the conversation turned toward the criminals in the White House.
They chose not to come down town later..we'll see them again soon.

Years ago when the kids were younger and my Mom was alive meeting in the park was a family tradition. Things changed when she died and the kids got older.
One niece and husband did show up for awhile, and a couple of my husbands nephews were there.
We stayed till after lunch and the St.Peter Drum Corp(the oldest drum corp in the USA) performed and then headed home.

My hubba use to be a member of the corp( until 2 babies came along and made it difficult) along with my brother and many friends.
His Dad marched with the original corp and a few years back our oldest son
took time off from the corp he was with Minnesota Brass, to march one year with
the Govies so there would be a 3rd generation.

It doesn't look like any of the G kids got the marching gene, so there won't be a 4th generation.
Next year is an All School reunion over the 4th and I am looking forward to that.

When we got home there was a message that my car was ready to be picked up.

We did that today.

I hope I get over my apprehension about driving it, soon.

Hubba has had the whole week off, he is not use to being away from the office.
It reinforces the fact that he most likely will only retire when he is forced too.

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Jessica Foster said...

Hey, I was scrolling through the comments over at Ross Blog--I always seem to get FOADed when I try to comment--then I ran across your blog. I saw the MN and knew I had to check it out as I'm in MN too. Totally agree about Hollywood Farm Girl's post. I read it a couple of days ago---she totally said it best.