Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cookie Cougar

Those of you that know me also know I am an Idol Fan.
I have loved talent shows going back to the old Arthur Godfrey show
in the late 50's.
Those were the days of one TV in a house hold, and my dad had control
of the set.
We as a family watched most shows together accept
when he was working the late shift, then my sister and I had control.
I leaned towards the musical shows.
A new season of Idol and I am disappointed that they haven't changed the voting method.
There has to be a better way then teeny boppers sitting on the phone for hours voting their brains out.
This year has a lot of great singers and personalities.
My favorite Danny Gokey made it through to the final 12
I love his voice, it reminds me of Elliot Yamin from Season 5
only Danny has a better look,
a Robert Downey Jr. look.
Give a Listen while You tube still has it.


Chris said...

We're watching Idol too, and Danny is one of the good ones...the most painful part is watching the auditions, but when they get down to the finals, it's always exiting!

runningwmn said...

I didn't get a chance to watch last night. did Johny Lang's sister survive the cut?

Green tea said...

Johnny Langs sister, Jessica Langseth
is in the next group of 12 finalists, next Wednesday at 7:00..
This week the other Minnesotan Casey Carlson was on and it was brutal, the song choice was awful and she kept winking at the camera as she danced around, so bad..
The paper had an article this morning about her.
Two really good males got shut out Anoop Desai (who I suspect will be a wild card choice) and Ricky Brady
who also has an awesome voice, unfortunately without any magic.
You can go to you tube and google some of them..

Riot Kitty said...

Am I the only person who has never seen this show?

BTW, I did a post in honor of you. Thank you so much for the walk donation and sweet card!

Green tea said...

Your welcome Kitty, some charities touch me,
especially those who help people who can't help them selves.

Michael Manning said...

I can't watch, Green Tea. I have zero patience with Simon, I'm not sure what Randy has ever done although I find Paula nice to look at. I feel a bit like the late Waylon Jennings, who refused to attend The Grammy's because he felt he wasn't in competition. But I understand many enjoy this series. My SIL texts the show for votes repeatedly.

Green tea said...

Simon does bring out intense feelings one way or another.
Some criticize his bluntness toward
the contestants.
But if they can't handle his critique
they will never make it in the music world.
I find him refreshing, though full of him self..:D

Chris said...

Good Simon critique...he's brutal sometimes, but when he knows they can't make it, he could let them down softer, and still clue them into reality....but he knows talent, is realistic about the business and usually calls it like it is...