Sunday, February 08, 2009

Any Answers?

Watching what is going on in Washington right now causes my blood pressure to rise.
The hypocrisy of the Republicans is grating on my nerves.
For eight years they were in charge, spending like crazy as they also cut taxes to their rich friends.

As a friend of mine and former Congressman said.

" We were paying down the national debt when I left and Bush's doubling it to $11 trillion while creating a total economic disaster has in part created this kind of grab bag mentality in DC.
The Republicans never objected for 8 years and everything they are complaining about in the stimulus is only worth 6 days of their damn Iraq war."

The Republicans don't have any solution other then to cut taxes.
One example, they want to give a 10,000.00 tax cut to anyone buying a house, but that is only going to help those that can afford the new house,
those that qualify for a loan, not those losing their homes.
I know many of them got themselves into this mess by buying homes they couldn't afford.
But then there are those who are behind because they lost their jobs.

I have 3 kids and 2 Grand sons with mortgages, whose to say they won't be next.

I still haven't heard any Republican explain the missing millions in Iraq.
Why aren't those companies being forced to pay back the money they lost?
Why aren't they being charged for sub standard work which has caused the deaths of so many of our own military.
Does anyone out their have a solution to this quagmire ?
Many of you have years to catch up again, because eventually things will turn around.
But some of us are on the slope down hill and seeing our retirement being eaten up by the rich is
making it impossible to keep my blood pressure at a normal level.

I am going down to the family room to catch up on HBO's Big Love, maybe that will
sooth my brain, if not I'll try some wine.


Shionge said...

I am sorry I have no answers to this big big mess not just in America but all over the world too ;(

I hope the movie helps ;)

Riot Kitty said...

Such a good point: everything they are complaining about in the stimulus is only worth 6 days of their damn Iraq war.


God forbid Republicans let ORDINARY people have any money or reasonable job.

Chris said...

I've already been complaining about this too...was spouting about it tonight before I read your post...Just can't get over the inability of the Repubs to get on board and help out!

alan said...

Anytime any mention of accoutability comes up they scatter like rats...I'm so very tired of it!


Anonymous said...

Obama will add $2 Trillion to the debt in his first year! Yikes! And I thought the last eight years were bad. Pales in comparision to this bill for increasing beauracrazy and puting a majority of people dependent on government. Sheeple!

Resistance is futile; you will be assimilated; dissent will be crushed; get on board or else; you will help or you will suffer the consequenses; ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US

Anonymous said...

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!