Friday, February 13, 2009

Anxiety is the worst !

Today Hubba had a to have a Echo Cardiogram to check out a heart murmur he has had for some time.
Doctor just being cautious and covering all her bases.
Our regular Doctor retired a couple years ago and after
40 something years it is straining to break in a
new one.
While I was in the waiting room a lady about 50 ish
came in and sat down, obviously very upset.
She was shaking and wiping tears, the receptionist came over to get her information and I heard the panic in her voice.
She was there to see a Cardiologist and have some tests.
The receptionist left and I sat trying to mind my own business and read my book.
But soon it was impossible, I went over to see if I could get her some coffee or water or something.
She began to cry, and said she was having a horrible day.
Her daughter didn't want to take off work for fear of losing
her job so her son in law
dropped her off and she didn't know what time he could come and get her.
She shouldn't have been alone.
She said she had been having problems and was blaming it on her allergies,
her blood pressure is very high and her Doctor couldn't
seem to get it regulated.
(I know that feeling).
I tried to reassure her that the Doctors would find the problem and she would soon feel better.
I told her to ask the Doctor for some medication to calm her and she said he had given her
a prescription,
but the drug store was so packed and she just couldn't stand there any longer.
I recognize a panic attack when I see one (been there more then once)!
I hope the Doctor did something to relax her before he sent her home, or she was going to stroke out.
I just sat there and let her talk till Hubba came out.
I told her to try and relax and let the Doctors handle everything.(easy to say).
She thanked me for sitting with her and I got my things and we left.
I wish now I had just stayed there till she was called in.
In that short time I found out without asking one question,
that she was 59, divorced,unemployed
and worrying about the economy.
I suspect she was dealing with a lot of anxiety and panic
from fear of the unknown.

I will always wonder what was wrong and if they could help her.

If you think of it tonight remember this lady in your prayers.


Chris said...

Anxiety is the worst...that could have been any of us...thanks for caring, and that was a wonderful story. I'm sure there are a lot of people who are having an anxious filled time right now...the stories on 60 min. last week were very hard to watch...the prayers are going up tonight........

alan said...

More and more of this is going on with those around so caught up in their own problems they notice less and less I fear!

Thank you for reaching out to someone else when another in your seat might not have!

You are a gem!

Hope all is well with your lucky husband!


Riot Kitty said...

Oh! How sweet of you to sit with her. That sucks that she was there by herself. Well, until you stepped in :)

Shionge said...

GT thanks for sharing this moment of encounter with this lady and yes it is a good thing you were there to comfort her.

My brother and me took turns to accompany my Mom for her appointments at the hospital and I did observe the anxiety on the patient's faces.

I hope your hubby is well GT :D

Anonymous said...

Why should she be worried about the economy, Obama's gonna change the world!!!

runningwmn said...

Way to reach out GiGi. I think all of us need to do more of that, especially those of us that still have our jobs and health insurance. It will take a long time to reverse the last horrific 8 years. The more we can help someone else in need, even if only with our gift of listening, or sharing a kind word and a smile, the more we can all hang in there until the current situation starts to improve.

runningwmn said...

On a completely different topic, GiGi, did you know that you can do amazing searches on people that will tell you how many DUI's they've got on their record, or convictions on writing worthless checks at area hotels???? Or how long they spend surfing blogs from their place of employment, like, Boston Scientific, for example????

J said...

I think Runningwoman is trying to tell us something about the anonymous visitor.
Could it be a Krod attack??

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a threat of harm.