Thursday, December 18, 2008

Count them all!

Today the Minnesota Supreme Court is deciding whether or not to include
the 1600 rejected absentee ballots in the Minnesota Senate race.
The Lawyers for Norm Coleman have tried their best to keep these votes from being
If they are it could hurt Franken as much as help him,
but his team feels that these people who made the extra effort should have their
day too.
They feel that every single legal vote should be counted,
so no matter who wins people will not feel disenfranchised.

Today Al Franken took the lead, tomorrow he could drop behind.

I am busy getting ready for our family Christmas on Saturday.
Hopefully by next week I'll have more time.
Check out Centrisity link he is better at keeping things up to date.


D said...

I hope Franken will be able to pull it off. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Flash said...

"I am busy getting ready for our family Christmas on Saturday."

My invitation says Sunday the 21st at 1:00pm. Are you guys pulling a fast one on me *grin*

#1 Son

Riot Kitty said...

I love it how the Republicans are always the ones who want the ballots to be thrown out. Why don't they just change their party name to "fascists who support the uber-rich" and be done with it?

Green tea said...

It starts Saturday
for me only :D

Chris said...

Hoping your election turns out well for you and you have a great Christmas celebration with your family...I've been slow on posting myself, but trying to keep up with commenting!

Michael Manning said...

If Franken doesn't make it, he might see it as a Blessing in Disguise. I'd stay with Comedy and forget Washington politics. But that's just me. WISHING YOU A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, GREEN TEA!!!!!!!!!!:D

Green tea said...

I agree with you Michael..I think Al would be much happier back in the world of Comedy..
But many of us won't be if we are stuck with Norm.. *smile*