Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Latest Big A

How stupid can people be?
Politicians that destroy their careers for sex or money
lead the pack.

Now the latest dump.

Gov. Rod Blagojeveich of Illinois blowing any chance
he had of furthering his career
Obama's Senate seat is open in Illinois and
he was the king maker, about to appoint the best candidate to
replace Barack Obama and and he blew it big
He was taken into federal custody
today on corruption charges.
read about it at my link for Centrisity.
Or just watch The Daily show tonight.


D said...

I guess these idiots feel they're untouchable. I discuss it in my posting for tomorrow. Daily Show will be on in my house tonight. Definitely have to catch John Stewart's take!

Riot Kitty said...

What is it with corruption and governors from Illinois?

Chris said...

Okay, this is over the top! Whether it's true or not, when I saw this guy on the tube and heard him speak, he sounded really weird and I wanted him taken out...he will definitely pull Obama down with him...

Anonymous said...

To say that the Gov of Ill will pull Obama down with him is a bit of a stretch. Obama is squeaky clean on this, and the FBI has been very clear on that. In fact it is quite possible that it was someone from Obama's staff that was the whistleblower. There will be some buzz for awhile, and of course the righty's and Fox news will try to make it sound like this taints Obama. But none of it will stick and Obama will go on to be the great President we expect him to be.

In the meantime I'll be watching for Norm Coleman to be next!

Green tea said...

This Idiot can drag down anyone with a few lies..
I am holding my breath on this one..
FBI is now checking out Coleman
that could be interesting..

alan said...

Arrogance and contempt...age old cohorts that have proven the undoing of so many!


Misty said...

Greed and more greed.. at least my governor was only paying for sex! :) Ha.

Chris said...

Anon...you are sooo right and I do agree with you...my worry was that Obama's NAME would be linked and the fringe people out there would use it against him...thanks for clarifying that. He will be our best president!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about an idiot's lies bringing down Obama. If the lie "Obama is an anti-American secret Muslim terrorist who pals around with other anti-American terrorists when he's not letting babies die in hospital closets and reading college papers by his wife about mean whiteys" didn't bring him down, I'm pretty optimistic he'll survive this just fine.

The moment Britney Spears starts selling a kid on ebay, or Madonna and A-Rod open up a yoga studio together called Namaste Naked, any imaginary Blago-Obama links will instantly become long forgotten yesterday's news. You can breathe now. :)


Green tea said...

Chris, meet my daughter Linda...LOL

Chris said...

I LOVE her! Great comments, and aren't you glad to have an Obama girl? Good work Linda!!!!