Friday, December 12, 2008

Movie in the making?

Every day the story about the Governor of Illinois gets more complex.

Jessie Jackson Jr's
name has been drawn into this mess now.
If there is any truth that his emissaries approached Blaqojevich
another career may be over.

At first I felt sorry for him, but then I remembered his smarmy comments about Hillary
during the New Hampshire primary.
He questioned her tears, and at that moment I looked at him a little differently too.

If Fitzgerald was taping all of the Governors conversations , we will soon find out who was involved.
This story is not over yet and may bring down a few more people in Illinois.

I have faith that Obama will not be one of them.
This man is for real.

It is true that Rahm Emanuel
gave the Governors office a list of candidates
that would be acceptable to Obama but no deal making is suspected.
The "bleeping" remarks Blagojevich made about Obama is proof
to me that he wouldn't
be involved with this creep.

Since the Governors office was bugged, I have no doubt
that Rahm is in the clear too.

I wonder how many
writers are now in the process of putting this into a screen play.

Give me a list of who you see in the roles.

I'll start it off,
only Will Smith could play the President elect.

Your turn...


Anonymous said...

How about George Clooney? Let's see he could play, uhm, uhhh, uhmmm, oh who cares. George Clooney could be anybody in the movie and I'd watch it. :)


D said...

If the Gov. "disappears" and a new concrete building is erected in Chicago, you know what will have happened.

Seriously, this story's better than any soap!!

Chris said...

Getting sleazier by the moment! Hope he the only one going down!

Riot Kitty said...

Seriously, this is juicy stuff. Only males would be so stupid.

Michael Manning said...

Green Tea: I have a friend who is from Chicago and she had to bring me up to date on this entire debacle. As I listened, I couldn't help but get the impression she was slightly embarrassed to admit she was from this locale. I reassured her that this is a perfect example why I dislike politics. Unreal, isn't it? Clooney at least tries to make an interesting story and get it right, as he did with "Good Night and Good Luck!" I'd have him produce and cast it. :)