Friday, December 26, 2008

The day after !!

Another Christmas past and the way the time flies by lately,
it will be here before I get things put away.

Chris (rants and raves) asked me what our Christmas Traditions were,
they have changed over the years.
When I was a child, we always celebrated both the Eve and Day.
My Mom would buy fresh oysters for oyster stew on Christmas Eve
and then we would open family gifts, later attending midnight mass.
On Christmas day we would get our Santa gifts.
We continued that until my brother got married and started his family.
We moved to their home for our Christmas Eve.
After I got married and had a family and moved to the big city.
We would bundle our kids up and make that trip to our home town on Christmas Eve and then
come home to Santa's visit.
When it got to frantic and I got too bitchy,
it changed and we would go down to our extended families the week before or after Christmas.

Over the years our menu changed and the day we celebrated at home
moved to the weekend before Christmas.
As the family grew we switched to a gift exchange, everyone bringing a 10 to 15 dollar gift,
put under the tree and names drawn.
You could steal or open a new gift.
the person whose gift is stolen can steal or open a new gift etc.
A gift can only be stolen 3 times and that is the fun part of the exchange.
This year we only had 2 gifts that were coveted.

With G kids marrying or bringing friends our family room has gotten
a little crowded.
Maybe next year we will have to rethink a location, we'll see.

I vaguely remember a couple Christmas trips to Iowa to my Auntie Lo's,
but I think I was only 3 or 4 years old.

Since My Mom died Hubba and I have been going to my brothers family in Mankato
on Christmas day and spending time with the nieces and nephews and my sister in law Joy.
She is very ill now and this year had a little cloud over it, because
it was obvious that she won't be here next Christmas.
She has always been a very special part of my life.
I was only 15 when they got married
so I am feeling a little blue today.
The gloomy weather outside doesn't help much

I hope all of you had a great Holiday,
I did, and I am now going to go eat some chocolate


Riot Kitty said...

Chocolate always helps keep the blues away. Happy New Year, G!

Chris said...

MY Mom always made oyster stew as well on Christmas Eve...with 4 kids, she eventually changed to chili! Traditions need changing on occasion as families change...thanks for posting about it!!
I'm so sorry too hear you are feeling blue...chocolate is good!

Michael Manning said...

Green Tea: lol! My thoughts and prayers are with your sister-in-law. With me, I usually focus on my mother and my aunt--the two matriarchs of my family. This year, I barely sent any Christmas cards. But the few I sent contained very nice artwork of Arizona at Christmas---basically a Cactus with a string of lights! Hope this gives you a smile! :D)

Green tea said...

It did make me smile Michael :D
You are so young and should have someone special in your life..

Anonymous said...

Hi Green Tea MN, I'm Chris' Mom, from Iowa, but most of my relatives have, or do, live in your home state, and my Norwegian Dad was raised on a cattle ranch in N. Dak., and they probably moved to Iowa because the snow got too deep to get out! I just lost a sister-in-law that married my brother when I was 15. She was the sister I never had and a wonderful role model. I have enjoyed reading your comments on Chris' blog. Happy 2009. Phyllis

for_the_lonely said...

Oyster stew must be a northern tradition, because my dad, step mom, sisters, etc, all eat oyster stew on Christmas Eve...I never could enjoy the taste of oysters, though. I do know that it's the thought of spending time with loved ones that truly matter, though! I hope that you had a lovely Christmas, Gigi! :)

Hugs and love,