Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bad hair day !

About 2 years ago, the stylist I had been going to for about 20 years,
moved up north and I started going to one of the other ladies in the shop.
A few short months later she and another stylist in the shop were recruited by 2 young woman
who owned a beauty shop, and were looking for some experienced stylists with loyal clients that would follow
They needed some one who could satisfy the more mature client from a nearby retirement home,who had been calling their shop.

Todays young stylists don't want to work with older woman,
by older I mean woman who
still want the roller sets and back combing from the 60's and
ladies with arthritis who can't do their own hair.

The young stylists today want to wash and blow dry and send them out the door,
or they specialize in coloring and perms.

My current stylist is 60 something, so is the other one who moved with her.
Over the years they have developed a very loyal following.
They are the only two in the shop who seldom have time to sit down, and they are
bringing in a lot of money to this shop.
It had been a pleasant place to go, but then one day last fall one of the more popular stylists
a cute tiny little Asian, left and opened up her own shop, a full service, nails, massages, tanning beds etc.,
financed by a boy friend with money.
Since then one of the young owners has shown her jealousy by constantly changing things around trying to compete, trying to make the place a show place instead of a salon
We thought she would eventually get over it, but today when I went in for my haircut,
I saw the results of her latest little temper tantrum.
She had moved the hairdryers to a back corner by the two older stylists who are the busiest.
A friend of mine who goes to one of the younger stylist's was told that the youngest owner( 30 ish) felt it was
embarrassing to have all of those old woman sitting under hairdryers in the front of the shop.

I was seething when I went in today, I told my stylist I thought she should look for another shop, I said I would follow her, hell I would give her other clients a ride if they needed one.
It just isn't fair to some of the older ladies cramped in a corner with no leg room.
When I left today I came close to telling off the little snot owner and her older partner who knows it's wrong but doesn't seem to have a back bone.

I know if my former stylist was there she would
have read them the riot act by now and if they didn't change things she would have packed up and left, but this chicken little decided to leave it up to those being affected.

For this time anyway, but I do feel guilty for not speaking up for them.
I have had to learn to cool off first, because sometimes my mouth just makes things worse!


Foster Communications said...

My mouth suffers from the same affliction. But dang sometimes it's hard to not speak!!!

Riot Kitty said...

Ditto with my mouth.

After my John Holmes incident, I met one of his board member bosses, and blurted out, "I don't mean to be too negative about your executive director, but he looked down my shirt the first time I met him, and I just never got over it!"

Welcome to the first work meeting I've handled all by myself...

fineartist said...

That is so frappin infuriating. And good Lord where do they stick the women who get colors, surly they use the dryers for that!

My buddy Dean, best friend from high school and super hero like stylist, he put the dryers in his shop in a spacious area behind a screen because we all told him we were tired of being the freak show at the windows, heh. But like I said, it was a spacious lovely area, and he wasn't trying to hide us, we were trying to hide ourselves, you know a woman looks mighty peculiar with foil sticking out of her head like some kind of space porcupine while she's getting the colors of her weave to take.

What that chick did was insulting and way bad business, and she will pay for it in dollars.


Green tea said...

They have portable dryers for the young stylists to use Arteest..

The ladies being stuck in the corner are mostly in their 80's
they aren't embarrassed easily.
They also bring in lots of moola.
I would never let my mom be in this situation..

I hope I can get some backbone before I go in again

fineartist said...

Okay for your fairy costume, and I think you will look lovely as a fairy Ms. G G, um colored opaque pantie hose, with those dance skin leggings in the same color, and one of those lovely silk-like dance skin wrap around skirts, same color, and a body suit, color optional. And you can buy a beautiful pair of wings at the dollar store for a dollar, I know because I just bought my grand daughter a pair of wings there for Easter. Then get some fake eye lashes, because all fairies have long luscious lashes, you know? Oh you can get lashes with glitter on them at Wal mart. So chick. Um lemme see, you could even get some sheer material to drape over your skirt too in multi colors.

You are going to be, bar none, the most beautiful fairy on the planet! xx

We must see pictures!

Green tea said...

Arteest you are one funny broad!!!