Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

Finally we had sunshine today, hopefully it will improve my

I have felt bitchy ever since yesterday when I attended a convention
which ended up endorsing another male with no experience,
other then telling everyone over and over how his parents came to America with 19 dollars in their pocket and how he served in Iraq.
He did, but in a comfort zone, as a JAG (Judge Advocate general) in the Marines for about 6 months.
A sweet talking young guy with no credentials, over a woman who has been a Legislator and worked hard for her district.
He won with votes from feminists who have complained for years that they weren't treated right, but were entranced by his oratory.
Wait that isn't all, in 2000 he was a Republican who supported McCaine
but now at the old age of 30 he has been born again.
Kind of like Old Norm Coleman, who started as a war protesting Democrat, but switched to the Republican party when he saw he wasn't going to get any where and now is the Senator who replaced Wellstone after his death.

I have finally come to the conclusion, if a woman wants to succeed in the political
They should consider majoring in speech and theater, or maybe becoming a lawyer so they can become a JAG and only have to serve a few months in an arena they can boast about.

Do I sound bitter? Blame it on my age and the fact that now I am expected to smile and do the work for a candidate I don't believe in.
But Surprise!!!
I won't do that any more..that is one advantage you get at my age you can say

Screw you!!! with a smile!!


mkfore said...

It continues to amaze me how we can be our own worst enemies. I get tired.

Green tea said...

Oh for the good old days "M"

Michael Manning said...

Green Tea: With your disarming smile, that would be funny! :D

Foster Communications said...

So has the sunshine improved your sunny disposition? :)

I don't think I could handle going to a convention--too frustrating. Thanks for being in the trenches for all of us!

fineartist said...

You impress the shyte out of me. You do, you are right out there looking out for our best interests.

Rock on with your bad self G!


I gotta link I want ya to follow if you have time, it cracked me up...the voting with our vagina's part...

fineartist said...

Crud, that link didn't work, this one does...

fineartist said...


you gotta add that last part on or the other link wont work either.

Green tea said...

Thanks Michael and Jessica..
yehh I am bouncing back after a frustrating weekend.
Lori got the link and left a message for kate..she needs to update soon.

for_the_lonely said...

Screw you with a smile! HA! I love it!!!!

I am sorry that this happenend to you! It seems like a lot of people are "flip -floppers" ( as our good ol boy Bush would say* rolls eyes*)and laying claim that they laid their life on the line being in the military, when really, they were nothing more than a JAG! Go figure!

Keep on Jenny's grandma would say " kill them with kindness!"! LOL ;)

Love ya,

Anonymous said...
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Riot Kitty said...

You are my evil twin! Sexism and politics both suck - the combination is corrosive. You are awesome! I wish you lived next door, too :)

Green tea said...

For the first time in many years I chose not to be a mistake..!
I am going to the State convention in June in Rochester as a volunteer.

Sarah, I am going to be so sweet, it will give them high blood sugar.

Kitty, at least in the same state..