Monday, November 26, 2007


Saturday we had our family dinner at our daughters,
it was good to see all the G Kids together.
They are growing up way to fast.

Unfortunately there were College football games
on Saturday
and so the guys all sat staring at the boob tube.

I think TV has destroyed the Holidays
Seems we have to work our schedules around which games are on.

I think back to past Thanksgivings with my family either at my Aunt Lo's or Aunt Stell's

Before TV, when we had to actually talk to each other.
My mom had 4 sisters and a brother that made it to adult age.
It was a blast watching them get together and fix a meal.
Remember this was pre-microwave days, everything was made by scratch even Aunt Stell's Pumpkin Pies.

At my Dads sister, Aunt Lo's, she actually dressed the Turkey,
it was home grown not out of a supermarket.
At her house we had homemade ice Cream,
my Grama Em's Pecan Pies and Plum Pudding.
At both houses we played games.

Today many of us are still close, not just cousins, but friends.
I worry that won't happen with many of My G kids.
I hope I'm wrong but,
it is kind of hard to get to know each other when they sit staring at the TV,
and kind of hard to get any games started when they are out the door as soon as they eat.

On Sunday I called my Aunt Lo, she is in a nursing home, 96 years old but her mind is sharp as tack.
We talked about those old days, how much fun they were and how much we missed them.

This generation of TV and video games, doesn't know what they are missing.


Misty said...

i linked you and tagged you on my blog!

alan said...

My Mom's Mom would gather both her daughters and their families, sometimes one of two of her sisters and their families as well. Always a houseful; always the guys in the living room watching college football 'til dinner while all the women gathered in the kitchen. Sometimes we kids would play Scrabble or Monopoly until dinner.

After dinner, all the women were in the kitchen again, and all of the guys were trying to stay awake, most of them not succeeding, lol!

After Grandma gave up her house, that was the end of all of that...

My sister and I have tried to regain some of it with our own families, but as the kids get older it's getting much harder!

Hope the week is being kind...


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