Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Oh for the Good Old Days !

Wall street fell today,
the dollar is falling again,
GM is in dire straights,
and Oil is almost 100.00 a barrel.

"They" (who ever "They" is") are predicting 4.00 a gallon gas by next year.
The last time Oil was this high Jimmy Carter was President and the Republicans wanted to lynch him.

We all know what has happened to the Housing market.
Every day someone is losing their homes, and many others can't sell theirs.

OK, now, I want to hear those Republican candidates running for President tell us how good our economy is.

Add to this, in Minnesota, Republicans are smug in the Robbinsdale District 281, because, by bringing in an outside agitator,
and dropping an untruthful piece of Literature at the last minute they were able to
defeat the school referendum, and because of the defeat some schools will have to close, and
many programs will have to be cancelled.

What has happened to common sense in this country??

Can you tell I'm Pissed???


alan said...

Yes, and most of GM's is some tax credit write off while 85% of the other billion is the sub-prime credit crash hitting GMAC through DiTech that they bought last year...

But it's all my fault they can't make money!


Heidi said...

Well..The Canadian dollar is going through the roof! :)

Green tea said...

Heidi? Have you thanked GW for your Canadian dollar??

Mary said...


Republicans that is.....

I am tired of education taking a hit and then it is the teachers' fault that the kids aren't learning.

Today, for example, I had one kid come to school so tired, he had to go and take a nap in the health office. His dad and friends were partying all night. To top it off, his dad ate his supper also.

Life just gets harder for us little people. I am trying to hold on to my house but I don't know how much longer that I am going to be able to.


Jessica Foster said...

You have reason to be pissed. It's the people who aren't angry I worry about.

I know my mood has been a bit less cheery since I paid $3.05/gallon this afternoon.