Monday, November 05, 2007

Remember our Vets!

Recently I read an article about the number of Iraqi troops that have come home,
left the military and then committed suicide.
Over 430 have killed themselves in the last 6 years.
That may not sound like a lot, but these are our kids, they were traumatized by
2 and 3 tours in Iraq or Afghanistan

Many more are homeless.

This week in my VFW news letter, there is an article about the need for Winter Coats,
gloves, stocking caps, insulated underwear and of course money.

Steve Eisenreich of the St.Cloud VA Medical Center Homeless Vets Department
reported that as of now there are 80 to 100 homeless Vets in the St.Cloud area.
They are in The Salvation Army shelters, church of the week, by the river and under the bridges.
These are Veterans, average age 44 suffering from PTSD and Brain Trauma
and other deployment issues.
They have come to the St. Cloud area hoping to get assistance at the VA hosp.
Steve physically goes out to see these Veterans to bring them bus tokens, clothes etc.
Every year he does a motorcycle run to earn money for his fund.
This year because of rain he only raised 2000.00, this is not enough to last for one year.

As the weather is turning colder here, the need for winter wear is urgent.

Monetary donations can be sent to:

St Cloud VA Medical Center
Bldg 28 Room 39
4801 Veterans Drive
St. Cloud Mn 56303:
Be sure to write "Homeless Vets Fund" in the memo portion of the check or it will go into the general fund.

I am sure that this kind of help is needed at every VA Hosp. in this country, but in the cold winter states it is more urgent


alan said...

Every year we take up a gate collection for veterans; the Union's Veteran's committee uses the proceeds to put together things they can use then distribute them through the VA hospitals on Christmas Day.

It was started, along with the in-plant Veteran's Honor Wall, by our late president, a Vietnam vet and community activist.

4 or 5 years after they started doing it, someone walked up to me after they read my name and my service record and thanked me for it; that was the first time that ever happened to me...I cried...


Green tea said...

Thank you from me too Alan!!

Hubba is from the Korean conflict
US Navy.

alan said...

Give him a hug from me sometime...Navy, USS Kittyhawk '73-'74; USS Ranger '74-'75; helicopter mechanic with HS-4!

Wife; radar"man", '72-'78.