Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I am Thankful,
for my Hubba who is a very patient man.
I am Thankful for my daughter who is hosting Thanksgiving
My sons and all the G kids who are helping
My sweet little Princess Amalia.
If I knew how to post pictures you would see her here,
maybe someday "Techy Flash" will give me a few minutes of his time.

I am Thankful for Rosie and Ross

I am Thankful for:
Friends, including stranger friends
My hairdresser who keeps my hair the right color
Deb who not only gives a mean massage, but is my Political Hero.
I am thankful for the gift of reading my parents gave me.

Green tea
Nonni Biscotti
White Wine

Most of all right now I am Thankful for the fact
that Bush/Cheney will be gone soon.
People keep asking me.
Who I am supporting for President?

My answer is, which ever Democrat is left standing!

Now what are you Thankful for??


Heidi said...

I'm Thankful for such wonderful, supportive blogging friends like you.

Hope you had a fantastic ThanksGiving.. Hugs~

Michael Manning said...

I'm Thankful for still having my Mother, my wonderful blog friends, but especially for Sahara Aldridge whom we all ache over and shall miss forever. She was and remains our inspiration forever!

alan said...

I'm with Heidi; among all the other things I have to be thankful for, the wonderful people I've found here!

Like you!


Green tea said...

The Sun will come out tomorrow *smile*

Sahara was a very special young girl and she was lucky to have you as a friend and supporter

Those are very lucky G kids :D