Monday, May 19, 2008

Wedding Day !

Last Saturday my second Grandson got married.
The three brothers have always been very close,
and if their mom would ever decide to blog I would suggest
the topic be.

"How to turn three rebels into men."

When she became a single mom, the oldest was 4 and the twins were 2.
I hope someday she finds time to write all of their experiences down
for her grandchildren to read.


Linda said...

Wow! What handsome studs if I do say so myself.

Riot Kitty said...

You have a beautiful family!

Foster Communications said...

Great photo! Congratulations!

alan said...

I watch single mom's at work, and I can't imagine anything harder in life that trying to work and raise a child, let alone 3!

Pass along a hug from me sometime, if you would!


Anonymous said...

Hey GiGi,

You don't look old enough to have
Grandkids that old.
Nice Picture!!

Green tea said...

Funny what gauze covering the lens of a camera will do :D

fineartist said...

Those are some mighty fine specimens of male studliness and Gi Gi you are one heck of a foxy mama!