Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Crash!

Today was my Moms birthday.
If she was still on this planet, she would be 100 years old.

She was a little pistol, whose feet hardly ever touched the ground.
Busy every minute..
She loved her sisters and her baby brother, and we had so many fun times
during Holiday gatherings.

Many of us cousins are still close because of those get together's and the crazy Trowbridge girls.

She never drove until after my Dad died, then at the ripe old age of 55 she took lessons.
One week after she got her license she headed for Iowa with sweet little Sally and totaled her car.
After that we all referred to her as Crash.

She was one Independent little Irish Lass, a nurse who worked until she was 65
at a State Mental Hospital.
When she retired she spent time with her grandchildren in between her trips to Arizona.

In 1991 just before her illness she reigned as the St Patrick's Day Queen
in her hometown celebration.
She loved every minute of it.

She is missed!!


Anonymous said...

I remember the mischievous grin. When she was being a wiseacre the sparkle came. The eyes were first, just a nanosecond before the rest of her face erupted into the most beautiful Irish smile you ever saw. (And believe me, she was up to something all the time!) when the Trowbridge girls got together, they thought of a hundred ways to irritate their husbands. Many times Uncle Smitty just sat there shaking his head. She had so much love to give and i never met anyone who didn't love her back. I've spent much of this day thinking about her and remembering
so many special moments. Thanks, Sis, for honoring her on your blog. Luvya, Cleo

Linda said...

I thought about grandma all day today too. I loved her sense of humor. It seemed like I was always getting to sit next to her at church and even at funerals. She would lean over and whisper wisecracks in my ear and then we'd get the giggles. I loved staying at her house. I would get to sleep on the couch. As soon as my brothers were off to bed, she'd dish up two bowls of icecream and we'd watch Johny Carson together. To this day I am an ice cream addict and I know I inherited that from her. I still miss her and think of her often.

Riot Kitty said...

Cool pic! I can see why you miss her. A nice tribute, G. I am sure she is very proud of you, raising hell down here ;)

Anonymous said...

That was very cute. Thanks for sharing. I really miss her too. I didnt know the story about "Crash" but I believe it. Driving around with her to Garage sales gave me mini heart attacks every time we approached an intersection! Love ya :) Kimmy

fineartist said...

She's beautiful and I'm sure a pleasure to know, but how could she be anything else? She's your mama. xxoo

Misty said...

Reminds me of my grandmother-never stopping for a second. Which is good i think..i enjoyed reading about your mama who is most likely looking down at you with pride :)