Saturday, May 24, 2008

We need to remember.!

We took a quick road trip yesterday to see my Aunt Lo ( my Dad's sister) in Iowa.
She turns 96 in June, and we want to spread out the visits so she can enjoy them.
Each time I go I see a little more physical failure, but still a very upbeat lady with a mind as sharp as a tack.

What she wanted to talk about most was politics and Hillary being President, she said she had hoped to see that before she died.
But now since it doesn't look like Hillary will make it she is ready to go to sleep and not wake up.
Then she said..
"I guess thats not my decision to make."
"Who knows maybe I'll make it to 100."
She just might do that, she has already lived longer then her parents and siblings who have died, but just in case I think I will try and get down again later this summer.

On our way home we stopped in our hometown overnight to celebrate a
surprise birthday party for an old friend.
Again most of the conversations were about the upcoming election and the anger that Hillary won't be on the ballot.
The funny thing about it was, my female friends, though not very happy with the outcome so far, are mostly like me.
Disappointed but willing to vote for any Democrat on the ballot.
It was the older male Democrats that seemed less likely to accept him.
But because of their disgust with what is going on in this country,
I think they will come around, and if they don't,there have been so many new voters that have come out this year, maybe they will pick up the slack.

A lot of changes are going to have to be made after this primary season is over.

After visiting all of our family graves,we headed home this morning.

Cost of gas for the weekend?
About 75.00


Riot Kitty said...

You know - my dad is PISSED that she won't be the nominee. He said he was disgusted with some of her campaign tactics, but said, "We need a woman in the White House! Women have been putting up with mens' shit for long enough!" You've got to love him for that :)

alan said...

I was ready to vote for whichever Democrat got the nomination before anything was decided; now that "Savings and Loan Scandal" John is the Repugnican nominee I'm even more fervent in that decision!

Glad you had a good road trip!

My Dad's Mom lived to vote for Al Gore in 2000 (absentee from her nursing home) but not to see the outcome (probably a good thing). She had proudly voted in every election since women got the right to vote in 1920...


Green tea said...
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Green tea said...
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Green tea said...
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Green tea said...

I love your dad Kitty...:D

Alan, I wish the HBO movie Recount
would be on Network TV tonight instead of HBO..I think people will be shocked to see what actually happen behind closed doors.

fineartist said...

Last democrat standing, me too, but in all honesty at this point I'd vote for a hamster rather than a republican on the national level.