Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hope for the New Year.

Soon the New Year will be here and our country
will be on a new track.
Minnesota showed some intelligence in their voting, but only the Lord knows what was in the minds of the voters that sent Michele Bachman to congress in the 6th district.

The woman is an embarrassment to all woman.

The only good thing we have right now is she is in the minority
and can't do any harm.
Meanwhile I hope someone keeps tabs on her antics so we can get rid of her in two years.


San Soucri said...

From my blog...

As the One-hundred and Tenth Congress convenes next month I believe it is a perfect time to reflect on how thankful the citizens of Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District should be for electing Michelle Bachmann their Representative in the United Sates House. Here is a woman who will champion important ideals such as…

In all seriousness I believe that Minnesota is far better off with Michelle Bachmann in Washington D.C. than in St. Paul. While in the Minnesota State Senate Mrs. Bachmann was able to garner media attention for herself and her off the cuff ideals concerning a wide range of issue: Homosexual marriage – she did run an entire campaign on a moot point, abortion – when last did an elected Republican actually save an at risk fetus?, childhood education – was she planning on home schooling all special needs children in Minnesota? As long as Mrs. Bachmann was in St. Paul, people were subject to her voice and opinion; in Washington D.C. it will be quite the opposite.

It is laughable to believe that Mrs. Bachmann will bring anything back in the form of legislative accomplishment to the 6th Congressional to tout. Mrs. Bachmann finds herself a freshman lawmaker in the political wilderness that is minority status. This means that the likelihood her name will appear on any legislation is slim to none. Very few freshmen lawmakers ever get legislation of significance passed, let alone freshmen in the minority. In two years, when Mrs. Bachmann returns to central Minnesota, it will be interesting to watch her showcase her legislative record. Hopefully her opposition will be ready this time.

Even though Mrs. Bachmann handily defeated Patty Wetterling in the 2006 election, I take solace in the reality that with 435 other members of the House of Representatives, Mrs. Bachmann’s voice will be drown out.

Checkout this piece in the St.Cloud Times Editoral Page

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